Dr. Ronald Rubin M.D. – Board Certified Psychiatrist

Dr. Rubin has more than 20 years of experience treating clients of all ages, including children.

Doctor Rubin is now accepting additional self-pay patients and patients with certain insurance providers via TeleHealth/TelePsychiatry.

Through this method the Doctor can be sent directly to your location, or a clinic location nearby, through a secure and high quality connection. This method has been proven to be highly effective, efficient, and provides the same quality of care as if Dr. Rubin was in the same room. If you have a webcam, Dr. Rubin can also see you in the comfort of your own home.

Typical procedures accomplished through this method include Psychiatric Evaluations, Psychotherapy, and Medication Management. Medication can be scheduled and sent to a pharmacy near you.

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Welcome, I am Ronald G. Rubin, M.D., originally from Skokie, Illinois. I have been practicing general psychiatry for over twenty years, treating people of all ages, including children. I attended medical school at the Chicago Medical School, and completed my residency at Rush Medical Center in Chicago.

In the past decade, since moving to Wisconsin, I have provided services at several facilities and outpatient clinics throughout the state, including skilled nursing facilities, CBRFs, ICFMRs, and correctional facilities. I have consulted on, reviewed, and treated various chronic disorders. I works with nurses, psychologists, social workers, teachers, chiropractors, fellow physicians, and many types of therapists on a regular basis.

In my latest venture I am delving into TeleHealthcare with  American Telehealthcare, and their excellent e-Psych platform.

Horizon Healthcare, Inc. is a provider of AODA (Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse) and mental health services. Our mission is to help individuals recover from the devastating effects of mental illness and drug dependency; to reclaim their emotional, psychological and physical health; to reintegrate with their families; and to become productive members of society.

Operating out of multiple locations in southern Wisconsin, our professional and dedicated staff of physicians, clinical psychologists, social workers, addictionologists and AODA professionals provide individualized and compassionate care and treatment one client at a time.

In addition to outpatient services, we also provide services in residential settings through our sister company, Matt Talbot Recovery Center, Inc. - www.MTRCInc.com.

For more information on Dr. Rubin’s Autism Spectrum Services, Developmental Disorders, and TeleHealthcare, please visit:

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